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Finally got around to doing another print run! The lines aren’t quite as crisp and the blacks aren’t quite as black as they were last time ‘round, plus a few of them aren’t folded perfectly symmetrically, so I’m lowering the price a little to US$7 a pop + $2 for postage within the US (my shipping calculations were a bit off last time, sorry), and $4 for postage elsewhere. They make great stocking stuffers, birdcage liners and flyswatters. Get one before the mice in my walls start shredding them up for nesting material.


Evening folks. So I finally printed out that zine I was yakking about earlier, and whaddaya know, it doesn’t look half bad! Here are a few photos snapped in the stygian gloom of my bedroom;

It’s 5.5” x 8.5” and contains 40 pages in glorious, eye-catching monochrome. Watch as a small man with a silver nose jitterbugs his spats off for ten lousy cents a dance. Perfect for fans of facial prosthetics, strangely-proportioned ladies and improbable dance moves.

All inquiries and PayPal payments to, thanks! And since I’m very new to this selling-things-on-the-internet lark, I should probably mention that if I make a balls-up of your order in any way, your money will be cheerfully refunded.

Thank you and goodnight!

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